Welcome to Art Home!

Located at 76 Main Street in Bisbee, Arizona, we’ve made every effort to bring you things not found anywhere near here.

We’re honored to be one of a small collection of retail outposts in the United States who carry David Marsh’s handmade furniture, perhaps best described as “furniture as art.” Or vice-versa. You decide. Suffice it to say that it’s one-of-a-kind and that you’ll not likely see it in your neighbor’s house. (We just don’t need more of the same.)

We’re also pleased to carry the equally original creations of Ralph Garrett, who’s not only David’s cousin, but a former student who’s been handcrafting furniture flavored by his own unique perspective for over 30 years. Like David, his respect for nature and conservation is a driving theme behind his use of repurposed and recycled materials. Here again, no two pieces are alike, which is just how we like them.

We also carry Circa Ceramics dinnerware, a colorful addition to any dining table with whimsical imagery to match.

You’ll also find Art Home Cocktail Napkins. And Artini Earrings and Necklaces. (Sense a theme here?)

And we have toys, mostly tin toys and other classics that you don’t see much of anymore. Most are not intended for children, but rather adults and collectors. Nonetheless, we reserve the right not to sell to anyone who doesn’t have a little kid in them.

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