It’s not enough that David produces gorgeous hand-crafted furniture out of Ponderosa Pine and other recycled lumber. His newest line, “Revival,” is even more unique and every bit as Earth friendly. He drives around in a van like the guys on “American Pickers” looking for yard sales, estate sales, garage sales and auctions where he buys whatever strikes his fancy, as long as it’s old, tired and adaptable. Milk crates, old milk cartons, aquarium stands, hospital carts, flour barrels, garbage cans, stools, just about anything. Then he takes it back to his shop where–besides refinishing the piece–he welds brackets and/or whatever else is required to marry it to one of his more traditional wooden table tops, transforming and repurposing into a truly one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll not see anywhere else. We’ve included a few of them here just to give you an idea of some of the pieces he creates. Bear in mind, however, that by their very nature there probably isn’t anything else like it and that it may not still be in our store. If it is, you’re welcome to take it home. If not, rest assured that we have something equally engaging and every bit as inventive.

Milk Jug Table

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The height of Industrial Rustic, this combines an old two-handled milk jug with a simple round wooden top. The more scratches and dents the better. 18″W x 21″H. $225.

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Washtub Coffee Table

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We call it Industrial Rustic. You start with an old, discarded galvanized washtub. Cut some metal legs, weld them to the tub and top it off with a large circle of hand-finished Ponderosa Pine. How perfect is that for a … Continue reading

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Milk Crate Shelves

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More Industrial Rustic. Here you have two metal milk crates welded together, with metal legs and wooden shelves added to create a very chic and utilitarian set of shelves. Its footprint is about one square foot, yet it can accommodate … Continue reading

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Drum Table

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Elegant in its simplicity, this Revival piece combines a rusty, ribbed carbide drum with an 18-inch round wooden top. Excellent as an end table, corner piece or percussive instrument. 18″W x 21″H. $150.

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