We’ve had several pieces of David Marsh furniture of in our home for over 20 years, which is why you now find many more in our store.

David’s been making furniture for over 40 years, yet his style remains fresh, innovative and, frankly, unparalleled. He’s constantly designing new pieces, and his respect for the planet’s resources is evident in his Tesoros (Spanish for “treasures”) line, which features recycled materials such as hardwood floors, molding, broomsticks, yardsticks, balusters, fences and barns. His new Revival line combines metal yard-sale cast-offs with his traditional Ponderosa Pine tops; these are literally one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t come with a second chance to buy them.

You’ll notice that marbles and tacks are fairly ubiquitous in David’s work, beyond just his Marbelous & Tacky line. That he spends $250 a month on marbles suggests just how playful his sense of design is.

His use and combinations of colors distinguish a Marsh piece as much as anything. Take one home and you’ll quickly see that issues such as how well it “matches” anything else are largely irrelevant. If it makes you smile (it will), if it makes you look at furniture from a new perspective (it does), if it makes you want to get another (we hope), stuff like that just doesn’t matter.

Of course, no Marsh piece would be complete without the signatures of everybody who’s been involved with its production or painting and the trademark messages of good will that accompany them. You’ll find them on the back or bottom of every piece, as if they weren’t already distinctive enough.

Our store isn’t large. This is not all of what he makes, and we may not have everything you see here in stock. (Much of what is shown here is also available in other styles.) If it’s not in store, it can be ordered (at which point you may have some choice of colors and stamp patterns).

Frankly, we’re honored to represent David. And we hope you share our enthusiasm.

Anteek Coffee Table

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Anteek Coffee Table This rustic beauty features a long and slender profile for those areas where every square inch counts. Fashioned of Ponderosa Pine and stained red, it goes nicely against a wall or in the center of a room. … Continue reading

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Arco Iris Mirror

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Sure to sweep you off your feet, this colorful creation consists of a rainbow of recycled broomsticks, brought to life again like never before. Inset into Ponderosa Pine, the Arco Iris Mirror is available in either 29″W x 36″H or … Continue reading

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Corner Table

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This beautifully crafted table will make perfect use of that corner space. Small but hardly inconspicuous, it’s made of Ponderosa Pine and available in a variety of colors. Perfect for a lamp, a few books or as a place to … Continue reading

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