We met Rob McInvale at Jackson Square during a trip to New Orleans; his paintings were hung from the wrought iron fence surrounding the park. We loved his work and brought a couple of his “Voodoo Portraits” home with us. When we opened the store we thought to contact him to see about introducing his work to our customers; his 12-inch-by-12-inch paintings have proven popular ever since, including many based on Bisbee and its history.

Painted on thin oak plywood with thinned oils and/or spray paint, each is covered with epoxy that Rob heats with a blowtorch to give it a very unique sheen.

We’re not sure what or who his muse is, we just tell him to keep following it.

They’re also available as an “installation,” a tic-tac-toe collection of nine portraits mounted on recycled 100-year-old rolled-glass windows that we salvaged from our home during a renovation project.

We’ve included several of his paintings here. Of course, these examples may not still be available. Fret not, however, as there’s certainly something equally enchanting in its place.

Zwirl Ball

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Sport? Art? Both! Designed and produced by Bisbee resident Ben Winter as a way to throw a more perfect spiral, the Zwirl Ball has since found its way into the Museum of Modern Art in New York for its design. … Continue reading

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